To Wendy and all her Team, thank you so very much for your honest and accurate readings both via email and text messages. You've been there for me when I've needed guidance and can’t thank you all enough for your friendliness and patience. Have a fantastic 2011 when it arrives and I’ll definitely be in contact in the new year. Thank you.

Kat­rina Stew­art

I do not usu­aly leave feed­back ect, how­ever after talk­ing to Wendy Dove this week i just felt i had to repay her some­how. Wendy made me feel bet­ter, she helped me so much, im not sure how I would of coped with­out her this week.. Thank you spe­cial lady xxxx

Pre­cious Owen

If you feel you need some guidance, help, advice, feel a bit like your on your own and don’t have the answers, feel empty well trust me you need to visit Wendy. All the doubts i had before i went were chucked out the same door i walked into.  You have done something to me that still has me in absolute astonishment. 99 % RIGHT in everything she said!! What u waiting for... Im a guy who now believes.  Thank you so much x


I had a reading with Wendy earlier this evening and I cannot believe how inspirational she was and how incredibly accurate she was. I have had loads of readings in the past but have never felt so inspired following one. I will definitely keep in touch with her and will recommend her to anyone who will listen! Wendy told me that I will be going abroad for a reason not just for a holiday and I said that would be something to look forward to, having completely forgotten that we have been invited to France in August to celebrate a birthday of a friend! If you can you should really have a reading with her she is brilliant!


Thanks wend for help­ing me see the light re: Girlfriend..Yeah it was tough but you helped me through it, Thanks Babe xx


Hi i had a reading in February i was surprised how accurate it was. Some of the things Wendy told me were unbelievable, so close to situation, it really gave me great understanding of the situation i was in at the time.

Paul McTier­nan

Wendy, what can i say? Thank you to you and your team for help­ing me when i need it. I had a read­ing about a month ago with you regard­ing my rela­tion­ship. What­ever you said was so scar­ily accu­rate. You men­tioned about the money and also you warned me ‘red flash­ing lights’. It all makes sense and i have left him now. thanks for your help. love and light

Kirti P

I was very skep­ti­cal about online read­ings, I found the prices seemed to be so high, so when I found this site and saw what good value for money it was, I was astounded by the qual­ity of the read­ing. Wendy has really helped me to relax more about my present sit­u­a­tion and I have found a great com­fort in her words too. The accu­racy was bang on, even down to the other per­sons per­son­al­ity and how he feels, so much so I also bought the com­pat­i­bil­ity read­ing too. All in all, I feel there is more hope now when before i felt there was none, I cant thank her enough ” Sian Thank you!!! xxxxx


I would like to say a Big Thank You to Wendy for her insightful and helpful reading. Having been a scep­tic for many years I decided to give it a go after seeing an advert in Reveal magazine. I was shocked at how much information Wendy gave me without me hardly saying a word to begin with. This reading has been very helpful and I actually feel so much better for it! Thank you Wendy, and also Thank you for making me laugh so much, you really do have a wonderful gift there.

Car­ole Smith

Just want to say a huge thank you to Wendy and her team, They have been amaz­ingly accu­rate over the past few months and helped me through a very dif­fi­cult time, Thank you Angels you have no idea how much you have helped. Love Jane L


Thanks Romea, I will be seeking another reading in the future:)


I had a lover (who I wasnt sup­posed to be see­ing) who died. Ive been think­ing about him a lot lately and one of your team thought he might have sent me a Valen­tine mes­sage from the other side.(he liked me to wear red under­wear). this after­noon I went to take some stuff to the free shop (at Leeds uni) and guess what i found — a sexy red nightie! i dont reckon that was just a coin­ci­dence because after that I found a white feather which I stuffed down my bra. Peace and respect Les­ley x

Les­ley Rose Even­star

Had a lovely reading with Wendy today, she never fails to surprise me with her predictions and i’m happy to say that the relationship she forecast during our last reading already up and running and going well. She even got his name, James..Very spooky!

Moira Clarke

When I needed Spiritual Guidance recently, I called Wendy If you want help , real help and guidance this is the lady you call, her abilities are honest,very accurate and extremely helpful .Wendy , seems to have a knowledge of exactly what you need before you even get time to explain ,she is definitely no bogus ball gazer, I would recommend Wendy to all that need guidance or help her accuracy seems always to amaze me. Wendy has a great incite into financial deals of great importance and has helped me in my business and also my romantic side of life in fact I would recommend you all just phone Wendy! she will sort out your dilemma, with the help of her Spiritual Connections, excellent Wendy long may it continue, I hope you are always there for me, and many more, blessings to you.