Relax with Wendy Dove

Relax With Psy­chic Wendy

Some use­ful tips on relaxation!

Before we begin always make sure you seek med­ical advice from your doc­tor if you are feel­ing unwell.

Do not attempt any thing that hurts! Or makes you feel uncom­fortable.

Here are just some gen­eral tips & advice about how to help your self through a busy & some­times stress­ful day.

Promise your­self that each day you will do some­thing spe­cial for you, take 20 min­utes each and every­day for you. You need to be there for every­one else so make sure you keep your bat­ter­ies charged!

Let us begin..

Get­ting Loose

If your not com­fort­able start again! take your time and find the right posi­tion and the right place to allow you to fully relax.

Begin each ses­sion as fol­lows....

Loosen your cloth­ing and remove your shoes, lay down with a pil­low under your head (on a bed or on the floor)

Lay flat on your back, (its ok to relax into a comfy chair if you cant lay flat) feet about 12 to 18 inches apart and your arms at your sides.

Go as limp as you can from head to foot, let your shoul­der blades go slightly flat, wag­gle your feet, set­tle in with your legs, shake your arms gen­tly, rolling the backs of your hands against the floor.

Roll your head back and forth.

Now visu­alise.. This is not as dif­fi­cult as you think!

Switch off! Allow your mind to won­der to a time when we felt happy and safe, this could be in child­hood or last week.. It does not mat­ter.

If unfor­tu­nately you can’t think of any­thing just rely on your imag­i­na­tion.

You will find your­self drift­ing into thoughts of happy times and a pos­i­tive emo­tional state. If a worry creeps through just let go and push it out the way with an imag­i­nary broom! Noth­ing should be allowed to spoil ‘your time’. I usu­ally imag­ine myself on a beach, I can feel the sand in my toes as I wig­gle them! I hear the waves’ lap­ping against the shore it’s won­der­ful.

Don’t alter your breath­ing just let your thoughts nat­u­rally relax you, this in itself with slow every­thing down.

Now tense those limbs! Right then start with the toes. Just gen­tly tense those toes count to 3 and relax then con­tinue up your body see below.

Tense till count of 3 and relax for 3 in between each one scrunch.
Toes count to 3 Do bal­le­rina feet count to 3 Tense Calf mus­cles count to 3.
Tense knees count to 3.
Tense thighs count to 3.
Tense but­tocks count to 3.
Tense tummy count to 4 (do not attempt this if pregnant/​just given birth/​or had oper­a­tion.
Tense chest count to 3.
Hold arms out in front of you and open and close fin­gers (in tense way) count to 3.
Twist hands in cir­cu­lar motion count to 3.
Lift arms and pull towards you as if you were a body builder show­ing of those mus­cles.
Count to 3 Relax arms and push shoul­ders up and tense and count to 3.
Rotate head gen­tle 3 times.

Then last but not least squish that face up, (this one makes me smile!) Pull your fun­ni­est face and count to 3.

Don’t for­get to count to 3 in between each one.

If any­thing does not feel com­fort­able ‘stop doing it’ and seek med­ical advise.

Just relax now for 5 or 10 min­utes. Always get up from your posi­tion slowly, to avoid head rush! When all this is fin­ished don’t rush things..

Have a soft drink and just enjoy your day. 

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