Wendys 'Team of Psychics' Text Service



Are you the owner of a Psychic service?

In the first instance please click here and view Dove SMS Servicesite for more information.

You may want to consider, Dove SMS Services. If you own a psychic readings company and place regular advertisements, you may want to consider a dedicated text keyword or short code. By adding a short-code with a keyword chosen by yourselves, you can generate more interest and a unique opportunity to connect with your clientele with the help of our genuine Psychic Team answering your text service messages. 

Wendy offers a unique text cover and overflow service, we can run your text service for you while you watch your Business grow. Our Texts are answered by people with proven gifts; we offer an empathic service and answer your clients in a sympathetic and honest way. Your clients will be treated with the greatest respect and dignity by readers who value this service. 

We are able to offer a shared keyword on 84122 or alternatively should your text traffic be of sizable volume we can arrange a dedicated short code. 

The Rules when considering a dedicated Short Code or a shared code.

In general the rules are as follows; If your service operates a Keyword on a shared short code, a client who incorrectly spells your keyword will not be credited to your account and therefore the credit and the captured mobile phone data is the property of Dove SMS Services. The out payment for a shared code is generally lower by approximately 10p per credit. If you have your own dedicated code then the cost of that can be offset by the extra revenue generated per text credit and also the misspell texts which will be credited to yourself. A dedicated short code does allow for you to pick up all the traffic but generally you need a minimum of 5,000 texts per month volume to consider this.

Customer helpline: 0800 970 2095.