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Ever wondered what present to give a friend?

Ever wondered what present to give a friend?
The Peace Lily is more than just a beautiful flower, it has a rich history, and like the name implies, is thought to promote peace and harmony. The Peace Lily includes all plants in the Spathiphyllum genus. Spathiphyllum means “peace and prosperity” in Latin. Peace Lilies are known for their elegant, star-shaped, white flowers and rich, green leaves. They are also recognized for their ability to purify air making them popular plants for offices, desks and homes. History Peace Lilies were first discovered in their natural rainforest habitats in South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. They were cultivated and bred to form a number of elegant hybrids including Mauna Loa, Sensation, and Flower Power. Today, almost all Peace Lilies owned by Americans are hybrids. Peace Lilies are extremely common in the workplace, and in 2007, they were voted “desk plant of the year.” Traditions Although Peace Lilies are not part...
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