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Angels Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Angels Have Your Best Interests at Heart
“If I ask for something, will Angels answer my Prayers?’ Is an age old question. Angels will allow you to learn your life lesson without interference and will help you mend afterwards. It may seem like some people have all the luck while others are left to struggle, but with each lifetime we have something to learn and something to experience whether it be for the good or for the bad. We can’t sail through life unscathed; it would be a pretty boring and uneventful experience if we did! Angels may not be able to help if you asked for more income, because your soul needs to understand the lessons related to work, effort, humility or simplicity. Perhaps one of your soul’s lessons is learning to withstand needs; or inspiring you to increase your creativity or potential possibility. The motivation for more income could be the most ideal approach to further...
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