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Relationships, the Surprising Secrets of Attraction

Relationships, the Surprising Secrets of Attraction
Falling in Love   What happens when you fall in love? There are many books, films, poems and songs about falling in love. These love stories take us on an emotional fantasy journey and through repetition eventually mold how we ‘think’ about falling in love and here lies the key, because actually much of falling in love is in the mind. When it comes to the falling in love that precedes a relationship a lot of it comes down to biological responses and impulses!   Love at first sight Science is telling us that what we might call ‘Love at first sight’, might better be named ‘Potential at first sight’! Because what sparks that initial attraction between two people is a blend of intriguing biological impulses and behaviours that all seem to relate to genetics. Our basic animal  instincts are recognising a good ‘mate’ with our senses, If they smell...
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