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100 useful Affirmations

100 useful Affirmations
When you feel alone and upset; 1. I take great pleasure in my own company.  2. I feel loved by people who are not physically with me.  3. I love and approve of myself.  4. I was, and am a gift to this world and will not feel sad and unworthy. When you feel scared; 5. I'll focus on my breathing and grounding myself.  6. Following my heart and my intuition keeps me safe. 7. I trust in my decisions. 8. I am drawing from the light and strength within me.  9. I trust in me. When you feel insignificant; 10. Everything I do and say matters to this world. 11. I may be one in many millions but each one of us counts significantly. 12. I have every bit as much to offer this world as the next person. 13. I am unique, A special child born of this world....
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