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What is an HSP?

What is an HSP?

I have always been very sensitive, and find many of my Psychic friends and some Family members are also very sensitive, not only to unseen energy but to the environment in general. It is like there is a force field surrounding us that picks up on everything in a way that is extreme.

Many Psychics' like myself tend to pick up on people's emotions, it's quite usual for me to sit next to someone and have an inner dialogue going on such as whether they're married or how many children they have, A sense of bereavement is quite a strong emotion to pick up on. I have found that not only is it people, its animals as well, I must say I have had some very unusual Pets, always very clever and people have commented to me on this, maybe it's because I talk to them, both out loud and in my mind's eye... For instance, I have noticed that when I visualise and think about something in my mind's eye such as going to the Kitchen, or think about someone who's about to visit, my Dog Ted is there before I've moved an inch, this must have something to do with the energy I'm sending out.


I know that I've met people that I've taken an instant dislike to and felt quite guilty because they have not actually done anything to harm me! But again this is all down to our instincts telling us this person's energy is a 'No go zone'. It's always good to trust in your instincts, they have been evolving for Millions of years.My fear is that all this technology today may interfere and stop our children from focusing within and having peaceful moments where they can pick up on the natural energy's surrounding them, instead of losing themselves in a computerised game.


It's also not unusual for highly sensitive People (HSP's) as they are known as in my circles, to also be sensitive to the environment; suffering from allergies is quite common for instance. I feel we all have Psychic abilities, it just a case of whether we realise it or not, I feel once someone has focused and realise they have a Psychic aptitude, they can choose to train it and discover which direction to take it. There are many different abilities; we tend to think of psychics as just reading the future. But there is a great deal more ...Being aware of energy surrounding others...being insightful and intuitive, focusing and seeing auras surrounding a subject, feeling others' emotions, communicating with spirit, and also dream interpretation...are all good examples of psychic ability.


I suppose it's like everything we do, we can either do it well or just do it to please ourselves as a hobby for instance. I don't feel that I've chosen this path lightly, I always knew I had this ability, but never really focused on it until I was 39 years old, Maybe I was not ready before this time, I'm enjoying it now though and would recommend to all, that if you have an have an incline you may be in some way Psychic to follow it through as you may discover you have a hidden talent! ...


Love & Light

Wendy Dove xXx
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