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Soul Mates Explained

Soul Mates Explained

I truly believe this life time we are living in right now is a means for our eternal soul to experience the physical.


Our souls are brought into this existence hoping to live a life time full of different experiences, Whether they are good or bad.


There are many senses, that our souls can't experience without our Physical being.



I believe we meet people from past existences and help each other find the way to achieve what we are looking for in a lifetime. I believe we have more than one soul mate around us on each life path, I dont think all dealings with soul mates are what we would call nice in this existence, but if are to experience EVERY emotion, it cant always be nice.


Its a little bit like going on a roller coaster, You know you want to ride on it but are afraid of what you might sense both physically and mentally, but you will ride it anyway in order to feel the rush.


Having worked as a Psychic, spirit Medium and clairvoyant for over 30 years, this is My explanation.


I hope I've enlightened some and made others think!


Love, Light & peace


Wendy Dove xXx

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