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People are always asking me this question, so here's my answer

People are always asking me this question, so here's my answer

Let me tell you, if I saw anything I would probably run a mile or even two! I have heard things and have been so scared; I think they have decided to stop trying!


Who’s the ‘They’ you may ask? Well I’m presuming it’s the Spirit world, as some people call it …


The thing is I can’t explain it, and have asked these questions myself, so can I be Psychic?


Well let’s just say I did not choose this path, I’ve always worked hard and had various Jobs over the years, and I’ve always naturally been interested in other people, to the extent that when speaking to them in general I have another dialogue going on in my mind’s eye that seems to be showing me behind the scenes of their personal life.


From a very early age I just had this knowing feeling, I’d be aware that my friend had 3 siblings and that they were 2 boys 1 girl, I’d kind of know what their Mum was like in my mind’s eye and when meeting her for the first time I would never be surprised that she looked and spoke just how I thought she would. Maybe it had something to do with being an only child and moving around quite a lot in My young years, it may have opened doors in my mind that are usually left closed. Who knows?


But something did happen and this ability probably exists in us all, but in most is just left untapped!


There are moments that stand out from past experiences with this ability, such as working with a lady and knowing she had many Sons and an overwhelming longing for a Daughter, but I just knew the Daughter was with her, felt her presence even, even pictured her and kept getting a name ‘Susan’, Well you can’t just blurt these things out, I was 18 and she was in her 50’s, rather stern and looked like she would not be best pleased if I came out with this, out of the blue. But I knew I had to find out, I was also aware that she needed to hear something and it was like something was saying to me, stop being a scaredy-cat and just go for it!

I worked at the Railway Station at the time and we were both working on Platform 1, as it was mid-evening it was quiet and we had finished all our chores, I thought this is it, I had to say something.


I approached it carefully, Have you got 7 son’s? She looked at me a little startled, yes she said, why? People say I’m a bit Psychic I said, she laughed and said ‘Oh yes’ so what else can you tell me then with a smile, and I just said, is there a Daughter? She looked down and I just thought Oh dear I’ve upset her, she said, go on, I said whose Susan and her eyes filled with tears, that’s My Daughter’s name, Just then the station started to fill up as the train had arrived, I said I’ll tell you more when we close, after we closed everything We both sat in the staff room and spoke for almost an hour, I felt relief as my hunch that she needed to know this was right, It boosted my confidence in My ability and showed me it was okay.


I’d struggled with these kind of messages as I knew they could bring sadness, but I knew if handled properly and in if the message was given in a compassionate way and at a time that was right for that person it could be very beneficial.


I’ve had many many experiences and cried many tears and shared great laughter with many people since then when giving these messages and it’s rewarding.


I’m not going to talk about any messages received without asking the person if they minded me sharing their story anonymously with others. One such message was when taking a Phone reading with a lady who was very sceptical about Psychics, when she spoke I could sense that she was almost resentful at having to speak to someone such as I in this way, I sensed a once very closed minded lady who now felt the need to find answers. She was very quiet and quite abrupt, and I sensed the deep hurt and longing she was feeling for someone quite recently passed. This was hard as with Phone readings you tend to feel under pressure to get to the core of the given situation as your very much aware that this person needs answers but will not be pleased having spent their hard earned money and walking away with nothing, I immediately said, July, something happened in July, she said ‘yes’ I felt very sad, I thought oh no this is her Son, Said I’m seeing a young Man here, he’s sitting on your kitchen worktop? This is when she relaxed and I could sense her relief, she said is he here; I said yes he is, right there, sitting on his hands on your kitchen worktop, Dark haired, there were just you and him? “Yes” she said through the tears, is he all right,” He is” I said and she was smiling, I could hear her smiling through the tears. But then there was something strange, I picture in my mind’s eye, I saw a white car and a young girl walking around the Car, she looked distressed. I asked her, was there 3 or 4 people involved, she said 3 died, I said who's the girl, she said she survived and is in a coma still, this really made me go cold, I could not explain it, was she in limbo, stuck, just circling the Car wondering what had happened, I also saw an older figure with her, talking to her, holding her arm, I could not fully understand, I just took this to mean that this girl was in a coma and this person with her was a guide who was trying to either reassure her or show her how to move on, this I just could not answer, and can only hope until this day that she either pulled through or found peace, I feel we all find peace. The lady thanked me and said ‘You have helped me more than you will ever know’ and that was that… So I can’t say ‘How it works’ but just know that it does!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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