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Angels Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Angels Have Your Best Interests at Heart
“If I ask for something, will Angels answer my Prayers?’ Is an age old question. Angels will allow you to learn your life lesson without interference and will help you mend afterwards. It may seem like some people have all the luck while others are left to struggle, but with each lifetime we have something to learn and something to experience whether it be for the good or for the bad. We can’t sail through life unscathed; it would be a pretty boring and uneventful experience if we did!

Angels may not be able to help if you asked for more income, because your soul needs to understand the lessons related to work, effort, humility or simplicity. Perhaps one of your soul’s lessons is learning to withstand needs; or inspiring you to increase your creativity or potential possibility. The motivation for more income could be the most ideal approach to further your personal growth. Whatever the reason, you can be sure the Angels have a good one.

It’s important to believe in the fact that you are receiving the help you really need, and not the help you think you need. Keep asking, and keep praying as prayer is a good way to meditate your thoughts and bring you to the right place in order to connect well with your Angels and spirit guides. Wait patiently with faith and confidence. When you are able to receive the answers to your prayers in accordance with the needs of your soul, then you can see and enjoy the interventions from the Angels in your life. Yes I know, some may say it's hard to believe these days that there are actual Miracles ... With all the War, Death and destruction going on, "How could there possibly be any hope of expecting a Miracle to take place.
But the thing is, they do, I've experienced the feeling several times in my life, where something quite strange has occurred and left me thinking, Why? How? But I choose not to question it at great length and usually say "Thank you, To who? you may well ask. Truth is I'm not sure, I believe in the our Guides and Angels and can only conclude that sometimes they are able to penetrate the divide and help us out in what sometimes are quite incredible circumstances.
Here are a couple of true Miracle stories that have inspired me to bring this to light and write this Blog The Baby story is a story that does happen time and again throughout the world, and it beggars belief that someone can die in a quite mild Car crash, yet another person can walk away from complete carnage;
Baby's miracle survival:
After trying for 30 minutes to bring two-week-old Woody Lander back to life, doctors decided there was nothing more they could do and called in his parents to say their tearful farewells. A nurse passed Woody to his heartbroken father and gently pulled a tube from his mouth so they could kiss him goodbye. It was then that the miracle happened. The lifeless baby suddenly coughed and moved. Nurses immediately grabbed Woody back, re-attached the tubes and lifesaving equipment and he came back to life in front of his astonished parents.
No one has been able to explain why Woody, who had suffered a massive heart attack, was able to return from the brink. And despite being starved of oxygen for so long, he appears to have suffered no permanent brain damage. Now 14 months old, Woody is a happy-go-lucky youngster who should be able to lead a normal life. His parents Jon, 34, and Karen Lander, 32, still can't believe what they went through.

They had been shopping in a supermarket near their home in Leeds in December 2005 when they noticed Woody looked ashen and felt cold.

They rang the NHS Direct emergency line from their car and an ambulance was sent to take them to Leeds General Infirmary. Soon after arrival, he suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing.

Mr Lander and his wife, an administration worker, were taken to a room to see Woody on a bed and a doctor giving him heart massage. They were taken to another room to wait for news.

Mr Lander, a civil servant, recalled: "It was awful, those 30 minutes seemed to last forever. After what seemed like an eternity the doctor came out and said, 'I think we have done all we can'. They had reached the cut-off point for resuscitation.

We were taken back to see him and Woody was handed to us to say goodbye. We were just in bits. We didn't know what to say or do. They started taking his tubes out and that's when he started twitching.

"They took him straight back off us. They managed to get his heart going again and he came back to life in front of us. It was amazing. We still don't know how he managed to come round - we just know he's a little miracle. He's growing up into a happy and healthy little boy."

Two weeks before the drama Woody, the couple's first child, had been born naturally at the hospital, weighing 7lb 11oz. After the heart attack, doctors discovered he had a blocked aorta which was restricting blood flow to his heart. He underwent a major operation to repair it and was allowed home three weeks later.


Mr Lander added: "The doctors said they had never heard of anyone coming round after 30 minutes of apparent lifelessness, let alone a baby.

"But the people at the hospital were unbelievable. They made the miracle happen. There must have been 100 people gathered round him." Car 'Sliced' In Two In M11 Crash:
A diver had a miraculous escape after a car was cut in half on the M11 on Christmas Eve. According to the Essex Fire Service, the vehicle left the road and hit a motorway sign, slicing the car into two. The incident happened at junction 9a near Great Chesterford on Tuesday afternoon. Despite the damage to the car, the driver walked away from the incident, though two people did receive first aid at the scene. The crash "effectively sliced the vehicle in half sending the front of the vehicle into the nearside bushes and the rear half onto the hard shoulder," said Nigel Webb, Saffron Walden incident commander, adding that it was "an incredible miracle escape for the driver". I truely believe in miracles, and I feel sometimes divine help steps in and lends a hand, You may ask "How come this does not happen all the time then?" Well if we were able to get out of every scrape life has to offer, there would be no lessons to learn... But believing does help.

Love & Light



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