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100 useful Affirmations

100 useful Affirmations
When you feel alone and upset;
1. I take great pleasure in my own company. 
2. I feel loved by people who are not physically with me. 
3. I love and approve of myself. 
4. I was, and am a gift to this world and will not feel sad and unworthy.
When you feel scared;
5. I'll focus on my breathing and grounding myself. 
6. Following my heart and my intuition keeps me safe.
7. I trust in my decisions.
8. I am drawing from the light and strength within me. 
9. I trust in me.
When you feel insignificant;
10. Everything I do and say matters to this world.
11. I may be one in many millions but each one of us counts significantly.
12. I have every bit as much to offer this world as the next person.
13. I am unique, A special child born of this world.
When you feel nervous;
14. Good things can and will come before me.
15. I know, what will be will be, and that it will work out for the highest good.
16. I trust the light and strength within me to get me through.
17. Being nervous in my decisions is a good sign and sometimes necessary.
When you're angry;
18. I replace my anger with compassion and understanding of the given situation.
19. I will be sincere in my apologies if I have upset others.
20. I accept responsibility for when my anger may have hurt others.
21. I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made.
22. Letting go of my anger will clear my mind.
When you feel hopeless and at the end of your tether;
23. Don't give up, where there is a will there is a way.
24. Look at every situation with an optimistic mind, there is always hope to find.
25. There is always a little more courage, you just have to reach deep down inside.
26. There is a positive in every situation, no matter how dire.
27. When feeling blind in a given situation, I can always look through the eyes of others.
When making a decision becomes difficult;
28. I trust that all the decisions I make are with love, always taking care of the feelings of those around me.
29. Those around me teach me lessons, both good and bad, I am grateful for this.
30. Hardships in life, are sometimes blessing in disguise, they bring out the best in me.
31. I will focus on this decision knowing that I can determine the best way forwards for me.
32. I trust myself to make an intelligent decision.
33. I know others will not always understand me and my decisions, but I will love them still.
34. My Family and those brought around me through my life, are there for a good reason.
35. I trust in myself enough to know I will make the right choice for me.
36. I may ask others for advice, but ultimately know that I can trust myself to call the shots.
When you're with good people;
37. I allow people in who treat me with respect.
38. I will not allow people in who I feel judged by, or who try to influence what I do in a negative way.
39. I take the time to show my friends that I care about them.
40. I choose to be with people who I feel appreciated by.
41. I feel it important to take time out for those who treat me well.
When you're around strangers;
42. Meeting others is a learning curb, they can teach me many things.
43. Everyone I meet is like a new book with an incredible story.
44. I am an intelligent Human being, and 'am' as good as the next man.
45. I can walk away at any time from any given situation without concern.
When you're at work;
46. I know that this world needs me, and the work that I do is valuable.
47. I believe that I am a 'very important wheel' in the scheme of things.
48. I know that I can change things if needs be.
49. I appreciate who I am in the work place and the work I do is necessary.
50. I understand that someone has to do this work, and I am being appreciated.
When you're finding it hard to sleep;
51. I look forwards to the peace and quiet within my sleep.
52. I will sleep peacefully and be content with the world.
53. I will not allow negative thoughts to dominate my night.
54. I am capable of a good nights sleep.
55. I am switching off all negative thoughts.
When the day ahead seems daunting;
56. I will not make negative assumptions about the day ahead.
57. I look forwards to everything that today will bring with a smile.
58. The reality is each day is a blessing and I am truly blessed.
59. I feel content in the knowledge that I can trust in my self to make the most of all today brings.
60. Today has a beginning and an end, I will make the most of every minute in between!
When feeling doubts about the future;
61. I do not let false doubts and fears wreck my visions of a wonderful future.
62. I work with what life has has to offer me at this time in the best way possible.
63. I will always seek the aid of an expert when I have doubts about a project.
64. I will not allow misplaced insecurities overshadow my future visions.
65. I will trust in my ability to set goals that I can achieve.
When others around you are not cooperating;
66. My mind is set on a goal, I will follow my plans no matter what.
67. Others may not understand or agree with my plans, I will accept their view and show compassion, but will not let their doubts interfere.
68. I will not demand loved ones follow me, but can only ask that they understand.
69. I will explain to those around in a loving way without being on the defensive.
70. Although loved ones may not fully support me or understand, my love for them will never diminish.
71. I will respect loved ones points of view, but will focus onwards with my goal.
When you're faced with a problem;
72. There is a solution to every problem.
73. Problems in life will always bring a blessing in disguise.
74. There is a reason why this is occurring around you now.
75. I have the capabilities to rise above adversity.
76. I have the resolve and strength to find the solution.
When you feel your life is at a standstill;
77. I will look at every door, and find the key to unlock the future.
78. I will open my mind to all ideas.
79. Although I may be delayed in finding the way forwards, I know and trust in myself enough to know I will get there.
80. I truly believe in me and my ability to succeed.
When you can’t stop comparing yourself to others;
81. I will not waste my valuable time comparing my life to other peoples, everyone's different.
82. I will compare myself to what I can and will be if I work towards my goals.
83. The part I play in this life is a valuable one.
84. I look around at what I have and I appreciate everything.
85. My life is a gift, I am blessed, and people are blessed having me in their life.
When frustration sets in, and you feel you're not good enough;
86. Of course I am good enough, and with each day I get better.
87. I have no right to criticise myself.
88. I have every right to praise myself.
89. I am amazing, any flaws make me more interesting.
90. I appreciate all that I am, and will never doubt what I have achieved.
91. With each day I will get better, with each sleep I will get wiser.
Feel like giving up?
92. I will never give up until every avenue has been explored.
93. To delay something is not a failure, it's just allowing you to recharge your batteries.
94. I will never say never.
95. Taking time to think things through is a wise trait.
96. There is a plan for me, and there will be light ahead.
When you realise how wonderful you truly are;
97. Nothing from the past will affect my future.
98. I accept all that I am and trust in me.
99. Everything I need will be placed before me when the time is right.
100. I am all that I am and all that I can be, for this I am eternally thankful.
Love & Light
Wendy Dove
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