About Psychic Wendy

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I am a Clairvoyant, /​ Psychic Medium It has been My Gift for more than 30 years. I use Body Mind & Spirit in my Intuitive Readings. When I read for you I describe what I see, this will include your personality traits such as Your nature‚ temperament, strengths and weaknesses. I then look ahead to help you see what challenges are there, I will focus on ways to help your see your way through these challenges much more. Being a Spiritual Councillor, I focus on your energies with the help of Spirit Guides focus on your most pressing problems.

I receive pictures connecting me to you words that are relevant to your situation. I ask Spirit Angels to assist help you through your dilemmas offering clear insight into the future. Just focus on what you feel is important to you let us help guide you through to the best possible outcome.

Whilst being a Medium I am acting as a conduit from Spirit. Loved ones or Spirit guides will send a message specifically for you.

Loved one’s sometimes wait patiently for a long time until they find the right channel, maybe I am the right channel for your loved one?

I have no idea how this works, what I do know is that I have not chosen this profession, it has chosen me for this I am eternally grateful.

As by doing this work I have the wonderful pleasure of seeing feeling the joy of making that all important connection with a loved one. I like to feel my clients are my friends want them to enjoy their readings.

We have a lot of fun sometimes we laugh till we cry!! But it’s very important that a reading makes you feel better.. like you have off loaded your troubles have enlightenment. A clearer picture of where your headed what to do when you get here.

Many people have negative experiences with “Psychic Advisors” are reluctant to go their again. I do not ask lot’s of questions follow what I’m feeling seeing hearing. I’m well known for getting to the heart of the problem quite quickly offering good advise. But most importantly when I feel there is a message I will tell you, whether you want to hear it or not.

I will say it as it is, but will say it with kindness & with love from Spirit.

I respect my clients input into my readings and welcome their comments sent to me through my comments form found here.
I look forward to connection with you via phone or in person soon.

Love, Light & Peace Wendy Dove xXx Pin 6400

Customer helpline: 0800 970 2095.